Choosing a Cotton Wedding Dress

Wedding Dresses, Cotton wedding dress with pockets a handmadeCotton wedding dress with pockets a handmade - Cotton Wedding Dress

When some brides think of fabrics for their wedding dress, they think of silk, satin, beading and lace. Other brides prefer more simple fabrics for the dress that they will wear on their big day. Before continued pleas read article about Butterfly Wedding Dress

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Choosing a cotton wedding dress is an option that more and more brides are embracing. There was a time when a cotton dress meant something that looked like a 1960’s retro style sheath or a simple frock that would be appropriate for a beach wedding.

Today, however, brides who want to choose the “fabric of our lives” have many more options. Some designers have started using cotton to create traditional looking gowns that are elegant enough to be worn in the most upscale of venues.

Wedding Dresses, Vintage Cotton Wedding Dress.Vintage Cotton Wedding Dress.

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There are many benefits to choosing a cotton gown. The first is a comfort. Cotton is a natural fabric that breathes, providing a comfort in all types of weather.

Another benefit of cotton is that it is fairly easy to clean. Imagine if you knew that red wine stain or chocolate cake smear would come out without leaving a trace. That isn’t possible with some other wedding dress fabrics, but it is with cotton.

Other brides have a different reason for choosing cotton. As more people become concerned with the environment, they are trying to choose materials that do not harm the environment. Some brides choose a cotton dress because it is an eco-friendly choice. Whether you are planning for your entire wedding to be green, or just want to make a small contribution through your choice of dresses, a cotton dress is an environmentally responsible choice.

Finding a cotton wedding dress, even elegant gowns, is easier than it was in the past. Some upscale bridal salons keep cotton options in stock. If you cannot find a cotton wedding dress that you like in a salon near you, there are plenty of options online.

There are sites featuring designers who specialize in cotton creations along with sites that highlight cotton gowns and dresses exclusively. The Cotton Bride ( is one such site. It features a large permanent collection of dresses as well as special collections that are available for a limited time.

If you do choose to order a gown online, be sure to follow the Web site’s measurement guidelines very carefully. You will also want to order the dress early enough that you would have the option of sending it back should there be a problem with sizing.

Make sure that you check the site’s return policy and that you have a good idea of how long it will take to ship the dress.

Another option is to have a cotton wedding dress custom made. If you find a very skilled dressmaker, you will be able to choose whatever style of dress that you would like and she will be able to create it using cotton fabric.

Whether you find a cotton wedding dress in a salon, order one online or have one made, cotton is a choice that is suitable for many venues. Cotton is a beautiful, breathable fabric that is eco-friendly.

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