How To Choose Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding Dresses, Dusty rose and gold bridesmaid dressesDusty rose and gold bridesmaid dresses - Bridesmaid Dresses

Help!! How can I choose bridesmaid dresses to keep everyone in my wedding party happy?

Wedding Dresses, Aqua Bridesmaid Dresses With Cowboy Boots.Aqua Bridesmaid Dresses With Cowboy Boots.

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The number one cause for discord in a wedding is unhappy bridesmaids, also known as Maidzillas. And the reason they are unhappy is because they hate the bridesmaid dress, they are uncomfortable in the bridesmaid dress, the dislike the color of the dress or they think the price of the dress is too expensive. So how does a bride choose a style that looks good on everyone, is moderately priced and most important, is a dress the bride actually likes?

When shopping for a bridesmaid dress keep the following in mind:

  • The sizes and body shapes of your bridesmaids.
  • Their budget.
  • Whether the dress will need a lot of alterations to fit the bridesmaid.
  • Whether the bridesmaid will be required to buy a special bra.
  • Whether they will be required to buy matching shoes.

What to think about before shopping for your maids dress:

A short (knee length) or above bridesmaids dress will not look uniform in your pictures. Some maids may want to shorten them mini length. But height differences in your maids will make the hemlines look “off” in your pictures” when the maids are in a group picture.

Wedding Dresses, Pale Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses With Cowboy Boots.Pale Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses With Cowboy Boots.

Wedding Dresses, Dusty Blue And Cranberry Bridesmaid Dresses.Dusty Blue And Cranberry Bridesmaid Dresses.

If some of your maids are busty or top heavy, you need to pay attention to the depth of the neckline. A too plunging neckline will make it hard for them to find a good supporting bra and may make them feel very uncomfortable in the dress.

A well endowed bridesmaid can wear a higher cut straight across strapless neckline because all cleavage is covered and will hide a bra.

All strapless maid dresses come with optional spaghetti straps. Give your maids the option to wear the straps if it makes them more comfortable. It won’t look strange in your pictures.

A less endowed bridesmaid can have bra cups sewn into her dress to balance the dress and she’ll save the cost of a strapless bra.

If your maid has tattoos that show, look for a dress or a short bolero jacket to wear over a dress that might cover some of them if the tattoos are a problem for you or the maid.

Pay attention to your maids budgets. If the dress is too expensive and they can’t afford it and you “just gotta have it”, consider paying for half the dress in lieu of a bridesmaid gift.

If the dress you want for your maids is out of their budget, look at less expensive bridesmaid lines because you probably can find a decent copy from another major manufacturer. Look at Forever Yours or Alexia designs for nice quality dresses in similar styles at a drastically reduced price that will fit into their dress budget.

Discuss, discuss, discuss your ideas with your bridesmaids before you shop. Give each one of them the option to add their opinions and listen to them. If a bridesmaid is balking at your ideas, give her the option to step down BEFORE the dresses are ordered. Ask her to be your guest book attendant or do a reading during the ceremony so she won’t cause you trouble later.

Pre shops for your dresses and then ask your bridesmaids to shop with you and see your final choices and give their input. Ultimately, the final choice is yours, the brides.

Finally, know that you can’t keep everyone happy with your choice. If you’ve kept their body shape and budget in mind when choosing the dress, don’t worry, you did your best!

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Wedding Dresses, Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses With Cowboy Boots.

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