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The wedding cake prices can really dampen one’s spirits. Obviously the wedding cake is the second most important part of the wedding, just after the bride. Yet, its price can really set any person thinking about where to cut costs.

Wedding Cake, Walmart Wedding Cake Price List Dog Ate Wedding Cake.Walmart Wedding Cake Price List Dog Ate Wedding Cake.

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These days, wedding cakes cost huge amounts. To give you an idea, read this. A wedding cake serves a piece priced at as much as $6.00 per person. So even if your wedding is a low key affair of 200 odd guests, you might end up shelling out any amount in the range of $1000-$1200 for an average wedding cake.

Factors That Affect Wedding Cake Prices:

Here are some things that decide the price of the wedding cake.

Wedding Cake, One Tier Wedding Cake Price Single Tier Wedding Cake.One Tier Wedding Cake Price Single Tier Wedding Cake.

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  • If the cake is big, then you will have to shell out more dollars. So think before you order a six tier wedding cake. Can you really afford to serve chunky pieces from it with a smile?
  • The wedding cake decorations also add to the cost. The cake maker will charge you for baking, frosting, assembling and even for wedding cake accessory such as the cake stand!
  • The cake ingredients make the cake expensive. If it has liqueur, nuts and fruit, it will cost you quite a fair bit.
  • The shape of the cake also makes a difference. A square cake will cost you more that other shapes. This is because it needs a special cake pan and it is harder to frost and its edges have to be built up.

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Some Bright Ideas To Cut Costs!

Now, the idea of telling you that wedding cake prices can be really steep is not to dishearten you. You can do much to control the cost. Get referrals and quotes to halt the price hike. Visit a supermarket and look through some samples to get an idea. Given below are some more easy tips to get great wedding cakes at the right wedding cake prices.

  • A good wedding cake idea is to order a small wedding cake and make it up by getting some sheet cakes.
  • You must pre-decide the type of cake best suited to your budget. You can go for chocolate or vanilla is you have a larger budget, or else pick the ever-loved sponge. It fits every budget, being the least expensive variety of cake. Avoid a cheesecake. It can cost you more that you think!
  • Budget the icing on the cake too. Buttercream is a very basic cake frosting and is quite inexpensive as well. You can go for it, safely. If your wedding cake is a carrot cake, cream cheese would be ideal for its frosting. Avoid Fondant as it can burn a hole in your pocket. And it merely decorates! It does little to add to the taste of the cake. How about asking a culinary school student to decorate your wedding cake for a small price! That could make a world of difference.
  • Wedding accessories are also expensive. So opt to borrow cake pillars and the cake stand to lower the price.
  • You could get your wedding cake home baked at a friend’s place. It would give it a personal touch as well. Getting together with the bridesmaids and stacking the cakes together on the big day can be fun too!

You can have a gorgeous mouth watering cake and it does not have to pull at your purse strings. You can check the wedding cake prices and have a great wedding enjoying the oohs and aahs of people biting into your very special wedding cake.

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