Getting A Good Quality Cheap Wedding Cake

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A wedding cake can hog off a large chunk of your budget, so if someone tells you about cheap wedding cake, you eyes will naturally pop out and your ears will stand to attention. Earlier, just any type of wedding cake was alright with everybody, but today the grooms and brides and even their near and dear ones want the wedding cakes to be exclusive masterpieces. They want classy cakes, custom-made to their requirements. They want to shape, design, decorations, cake topper and everything else of their own choice. Such cakes do not come cheap. In fact, the price that a wedding cake maker would quote for such a cake would make you feel faint!

Wedding Cake, Cheap Wedding Cakes Utah Sweet Pink Wedding Cake.Cheap Wedding Cakes Utah Sweet Pink Wedding Cake.

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Top Tips To Get A Wedding Cake That Would Fit Your Budget

Here are some tips to get a wedding cake that fits your budget as well as comes at a price that you are comfortable with.

  • Pick a three tiered cake with plain frosting for about a 100 invitees. Decorate it at the wedding venue itself with fresh flowers. Alternatively tie colored ribbons around each layer.
  • Choose a basic flavor. Avoid heavy nuts and liqueur. This would keep the cake price relatively cheaper.
  • Select a modest size of wedding cake. Supplement it with some sheet cakes. This way everyone will get a piece quickly and no one will know the difference either.
  • Ask a friend who is good at baking or the local grocer’s to bake your wedding cake. Bakeries can be awfully expensive so if you know how to decorate wedding cake, how about baking and decorating a cake for your own wedding?
  • You can transform a sheet cake into a wedding cake with some creative white frosting.
  • Go for cupcakes. Serving these tiny bites instead of a lavish wedding cake could be something different as well as cost effective.
  • Have a cheap wedding cake served with the choicest toppings. You could have fresh strawberries, chocolate syrup, or whipped cream. Make arrangements with the local bakery to sell the left over toppings.
  • Gang up with your friends and all of you can bake individual cakes. Have a ball turning the resulting batch of cakes into a multi-tied wedding cake.
  • You must check out online portals and wedding magazines to do some comparative shopping on the current wedding cake prices as well. Being well informed is very important.
  • Visit the supermarket. You might land an unbelievable cheap wedding cake deal.

Thinking up ways to get a cheap wedding cake can really stress you out. It would be great if you have some friends who are willing to bake it for you or you have a millionaire uncle who wants to gift you one. But for most people, a wedding cake comes with a high price tag. So spend some time and effort to get a cheap wedding cake.

Wedding Cake, Cheap Elegant Wedding Cakes.Cheap Elegant Wedding Cakes.