Celtic Knot Wedding Accessories

Wedding Decoration, Celtic Knot Wedding Accessories Irish wedding receptionCeltic Knot Wedding Accessories Irish wedding reception - Celtic knot wedding accessories

Planning a wedding incorporating your heritage is a great way to make your wedding special. If you are planning a Celtic or Irish traditional wedding, adding Celtic knot wedding accessories should be a major part of your wedding decor and detail accents. You can purchase Celtic knot accessories at specialty shops, bridal shows, wedding accessories catalogs, Irish novelty shops, and sites like bridesvillage.com with a variety of Celtic knot items you can buy. You can easily find Celtic knot supplies and keepsakes just about anywhere. The elegance and tradition that having these accessories in your wedding bring is priceless. Nothing is better than having a wedding that truly represents who you are and your love. Celtic knot accessories connect your past with your new future.

Wedding Decoration, Celtic Knot Wedding Accessories Celtic Love Knot Guest Book.Celtic Knot Wedding Accessories Celtic Love Knot Guest Book.

Wedding Decoration, Celtic Knot Wedding Accessories Cards For Celtic Wedding Invitations.Celtic Knot Wedding Accessories Cards For Celtic Wedding Invitations.

Understanding the history and different types of Celtic knots will make selecting the right ones for your wedding easy. The Celtic knot is symbol consisting of endless knots usually used for decoration by the ancient Celts. These knots have even appeared in Christian monuments, manuscripts, and the Book of Kells which dates back to the 8th century. The design of the Celtic knot is present in jewelry and can be a woven unbroken cord design also. The Celtic knot has been known to be significant in the Irish wedding reception, and Welsh or Scottish heritage. It is believed to be eight knots in a Celtic knot pattern.

Many ancient archeological sites have dug up ancient bowls, cups, and torcs with the Celtic knot design sketched. Regardless of what country you are in you can most likely find some accessory with the Celtic knot design on it. The Celtic knot is considered art but it also has a religious significance to it and association with the people from Celtic lands It has always been used in Celtic weddings in small details and decorations. There are a vast array of Celtic knot wedding accessories you can select from to add to your wedding. You can purchase tokens with cards for Celtic wedding invitations. This is a great special touch to add a bit of heritage and class to a modern tradition.

Having a Celtic love knot guest book for your wedding guests to sign when they enter is another special knot accessory to purchase. Irish blessing keepsake hankies with the knot sewn is a great gift accessory. For your wedding table centerpieces having Celtic knot candles, Irish Claddagh unity candles, or a Celtic knot tablecloths are the perfect accessories. Depending on the location of your wedding if you have windows having a lace curtain or sheer window cover is a bold but effective accessory.

Celtic knot wedding favors like a scrolled candle, pad, or bud vase is also a great accessory. There are many selections knowing the history and how much details you want to add in your wedding will make it extremely easy to select the perfect Celtic knot wedding accessory for your special day.