How to Choose a Casual Beach Wedding Dress

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When most people picture a wedding dress, they see a formal garment made of lace or silk. But for a casual beach wedding dress, brides will need to think outside of the formal framework.

Wedding Dresses, Off White Casual Beach Wedding Dress.Off White Casual Beach Wedding Dress.

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For a beach wedding, brides should look for a dress that embodies casual elegance. The first thing to consider is the length of the dress. While traditional gowns are long, for a beach wedding consider something shorter.

This could mean an elegant tea length dress or a fun and flirty, shorter skirt. The point is to keep the dress up off of the sand, so anything above ankle length will do the trick.

Wedding Dresses, Sweetheart Casual Beach Wedding Dress.Sweetheart Casual Beach Wedding Dress.

Wedding Dresses, Lace Casual Beach Wedding Dress.Lace Casual Beach Wedding Dress.

Another point to consider when choosing a casual beach wedding dress is the material. You will want to choose something that is light and breezy. This will not only help you be more comfortable during a warm outdoor wedding, but it will look better as well.

A dress made of a light material, such as crepe or chiffon, will flow in the breeze and add a very romantic look to your wedding photos.

While many brides looking for a casual beach wedding dress tend to choose one that is strapless, there are plenty of choices that have some sort of sleeve. Whether spaghetti straps, cap sleeves or even sleeves that are a bit longer, you should choose the sleeve length with which you will be most comfortable.

Also, while traditional wedding gowns tend to have heavy beading and other embellishments, casual wedding dresses do not. That does not mean that your dress cannot be elegant. It just means that the cut and movement of the dress is more important that the intricate beadwork.

In addition to finding a casual beach wedding dress, you will also need to find bridesmaids dresses that suit a beach wedding as well. For your bridesmaids, consider the same light and flowy fabrics. The colors should be subtle. Avoid jewel tones and dark colors.

You will not want the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses to compete with the natural backdrop of the beach. Instead, the colors should look natural in a beach setting.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing bridesmaids dresses:

The bridesmaid’s dresses should not be longer than your casual beach wedding dress. If they are, then their dresses will look more formal than yours. Instead, choose bridesmaid’s dresses that are either the same length or a bit shorter than your dress.

Also, the material of the bridesmaid’s dresses should not appear more formal than the material of your wedding dress. For example, if your dress is made from gauzy cotton, their dresses should not be made from damask.
You will also have to decide on a bridal headpiece. Some brides forego them all together, while others replace the traditional veil with a simple headband or a flower behind their ear.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a casual beach wedding dress. Just be sure that the wedding party attire and your accessories match in terms of the level of informality.

Your casual beach wedding dress can be just as beautiful as more traditional gowns. Just take your time when searching for the perfect dress and you’ll look great when you stand on the beach to take your vows.

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