Calculating Wedding Music Costs

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It is well-nigh impossible to separate weddings from music, isn’t it? Wedding music is a key element in any wedding. It can really set the tone of a wedding. And, can anyone honestly deny that what the guests remember after the wedding is not the centerpieces, but whether they had a nice time or not? At least, no one should. Wedding entertainment – of which music is an integral part – must enhance the fun element to enrich the quality of a wedding. But the cost of wedding music is no peanuts. If someone is keen on reducing the budget on wedding music due to some financial constraints but ensure that the guests dance right through the night, he/she can do it by simply following these tips.

Talking of budget, a DJ (unless he is a famous one) always comes cheaper than a live band. However, if you think that no wedding is complete without a live band, you can include drums and a wedding singer to stay inside your budget. You can save a lot of money by curtailing the number of pieces in your band. If you hire a band for cocktail hour and the first dances but choose a DJ for the final foot stomping moments, you win on both counts.

During the peak wedding seasons such as spring or summer and on weekend evenings, everything, including music gets costlier. So, if you are flexible with your date and time, you can reduce the costs of wedding music as bands and DJs offer discounts during off-peak seasons. Avoid paying a steep overtime charge by staying within the usual 4-hour time block. If you think the reception will be longer, book them for an extra hour in advance; it will be cheaper than the overtime fee

Ceremony musicians can prove expensive if the budget is tight. Instead, if the venue does have a good sound system, collect some classical CDs and get someone capable enough to cue the music. The result should be great – no one should miss anything. Better still, request a talented friend or family member to perform. In this way, you not only save money but also give him/her an important role to play on that special occasion.

You can also find excellent wedding musicians in local universities who do not charge much money to perform. You can consult music professors and department heads to find out who can suit you best for the occasion. However, make it a point to hear them before you hire them; a bad band can just destroy the wedding party.