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A butterfly wedding dress is an obvious choice for a bride whose wedding includes a butterfly theme but is also an interesting option for any bride who wants a gown that is outside of the norm.

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A butterfly wedding dress, as the name would imply, is a dress that features butterflies either sewn onto the dress or that are part of the fabric.

There are no limitations as far as the cut or the style of the dress. The only problem brides who want a butterfly wedding dress may face is trying to find one that they like.

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Some mainstream department stores, such as Nordstrom’s, may carry a few examples of a butterfly dress, but the choices will certainly be limited. There are also online wedding dress retailers that carry a selection of butterfly wedding dresses.

The way for brides to get the most options is to find a local seamstress who can make your butterfly wedding dress. This will allow you to choose the fabric, cut and style that you want. It will also mean that you can have a dress that is truly one of a kind.

Some brides want a dress that prominently features the butterfly theme, but it is possible to work with a seamstress to create a gown on which the butterflies are more subtle.

They can be sewn into the gown in a color that is the same as the fabric. Another option is to have just one or two butterflies placed on the gown rather than having a dress that is covered in them.

If you choose to work with a seamstress to create your dress, you will want to start the process early. It’s likely that you will have to special order the material. It is better to start early than to wait and then have to rush the seamstress as the wedding date draws near.

The butterfly themed wedding has grown in popularity over the last several years, but it remains to be seen whether this is a fad that will last for a long time or quickly fade.

For brides desiring to have a butterfly theme wedding, there is no shortage of ways to bring the theme into both the wedding and the reception. There are so many items available including invitations, cake toppers, favors, chocolates and many more.

Here are some ideas for brides who plan to wear a butterfly wedding gown.

  • Have some fake butterflies cascading from the bridal bouquet.
  • Wear a barrette that features a butterfly.
  • Have the bridesmaid’s dresses feature a similar theme.

Of course, as is popular at many weddings, the couple should consider releasing butterflies at some point during the ceremony or reception.

A butterfly wedding dress is a unique choice that is sure to be very memorable to all of your guests.

While not a choice that every bride will make, these dresses have the potential to be very beautiful.

Whether you buy one off the rack or work with a seamstress to create your own, your butterfly wedding dress is sure to turn heads.

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