Choose Bridesmaid Dresses Complimentary To The Wedding Theme

Wedding Dresses, Peach bridesmaid dresses with long sleevesPeach bridesmaid dresses with long sleeves - Bridesmaid Dresses Wedding attire

You should never ignore the bridesmaid dresses while choosing the wedding attire for your wedding as bridesmaids play a significant role in a wedding ceremony. Bridesmaids are usually the friends or family members of a bride who accompany her throughout the wedding thereby also attracting a lot of attention. Hence, it is very important that they should wear beautiful dresses that fit them well and make them feel comfortable and look good at the same time. Moreover, the bridesmaid dresses should be always complementary to the bride’s wedding dress and the wedding theme.

Wedding Dresses, One Shoulder Peach Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses.One Shoulder Peach Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses.

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The Ancient Custom Of Bridesmaids

The tradition of bridesmaids is an age-old custom. A bridesmaid acts as a bride’s acquaintance and accompanies her in the wedding. According to the customary tradition, the bride chooses the bridesmaid dresses. The dresses of bridesmaids in the ancient times were usually ugly and they never liked to ever wear them again. However, the modern trend has changed all that and the bride now lets her bridesmaids choose their wedding attire for themselves so that they can choose the dress that best suits their style and figure. Nevertheless, the ultimate decision of color remains with the bride, who usually wants it to match with her bridal gown and the theme of the wedding.

Some Better Ideas To Choose Dresses For Bridesmaids

It is always a good idea to leave the choice to bridesmaids to choose their dress as a bride may not be able to guess exactly their shape, size, and fittings. Moreover leaving the choice to them will make them happy. No bride would want her bridesmaids to look unhappy and spoil the mood of her wedding!

Wedding Dresses, Light Purple Bridesmaid Dresses With Sleeves.Light Purple Bridesmaid Dresses With Sleeves.

Wedding Dresses, Mint Green Bridesmaid Dresses David's Bridal.Mint Green Bridesmaid Dresses David's Bridal.

  • Make them feel comfortable: The best idea to decide dresses for bridesmaids is to take them along with you to a bridal store and ask them to try on different bridesmaid dresses. This will help both of you to agree upon a particular style of dress that suits the bridesmaids the best.
  • Give them options: You can always give them options to choose from the variety of dresses and wedding accessories that you choose, or you can let them go for their own selection as far as they choose the color of your preference. The latter option would work out better than the former one.
  • Choice of colors: While choosing the colors for the bridesmaid dresses be more creative and choose the colors matching to the decorations and the theme. Avoid using monotonous colors.
  • You can choose colors according to the seasons: It can be a wonderful idea to dress up your bridesmaids with the colors matching the season. For example, you can prefer dark and warm shades for a winter wedding and light soothing colors for a hot summer wedding.

Dresses for wedding, be it a bride’s gown, dresses of the bridesmaids, flower girl dresses, and groom wedding suits and groomsmen dresses, should always be matching and complement each other. Unlike the old tradition, the bridesmaid dresses should be given ample importance, as bridesmaids should look pretty, but definitely not that much as to outshine the bride in the wedding.

One Shoulder Short Navy Blue Bridesmaid

Wedding Dresses, One Shoulder Short Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Navy Chiffon One Shoulder Shirred Bodice Short Bridesmaid Dress.

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