Creating The Best Bridal Shower Cake

Wedding Cake, Bridal Shower Cake Toppers purple dessert buffetBridal Shower Cake Toppers purple dessert buffet - Bridal Shower Cake

The bridal shower cake is one of the key features of the bridal shower. A bit of creativity should go into making the event special and unique. Remember that other than the cake being elegant, it should also suit the pocket and not be too expensive.

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Select a theme for the bridal shower, and base the cake around that theme. Like if it is a high tea party, then, place small goodies along with the shower cake. You can consider ice-cream cakes in unique flavors when it comes to the hot summer months. Even mini cakes in multiple colors and flavors can do wonders. Search for bakers who are expert in making the best wedding cakes and book one of them for the shower cake as well. It is advisable to book one baker for both the wedding as well as the bridal shower cake.

Try not to mess with tradition, but give it your own unique creative twist. Write some sweet lines of poetry for the bride. You will see the smile on her face the moment she reads it. Consider the bride’s choice of pattern while finalizing the cake. You could have flowers decorated on the cake if she likes floral patterns. The more health conscious ones might like to have their cake topped with fruits instead of butter icings.

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Fillings are also an important aspect of a good bridal cake. A strawberry filling for a chocolate cake or raspberry filling for a vanilla cake would be most appropriate. Remember to keep the bride’s tastes in mind before you zero in on the flavor. A formal event would generally go with a traditional type of bridal shower cake. You can showcase your creativity and different styles with the more casual shower parties.

Even a French wedding cake could be considered, provided you know someone who will not spoil the cake for this occasion. Your baker just might turn out to be your neighbor or a good friend. Just keep your eyes open and try hard to get only the best. Keep the couple’s preferences in mind. Don’t go overboard if they wish to have a low key affair. Choose a lavish cake only if it is a spectacular affair. Even home made and home designed ones can be the talk of the event.

Remember to keep the wedding cake design elegant and classy. It should not be too different from the shower cake. Go with what the bride likes the most. Something that will make her feel sentimental and loved. Convey your best wishes by using phrases like “Happy Shower” or “Congratulations” on the cake. The bridal shower cake should reflect the love that she has for the groom.

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Wedding Cake, Beach Theme Bridal Shower Cake.