A Beautiful Bridal Cake For Your Wedding

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An exclusive bridal cake with new flavors, colors and style is the call of the wedding day. You can definitely go ahead with the old fashioned version of plain vanilla cake with butter frosting. But the new trend is to leave the traditional cake behind and pick a cake that suits your style. Read on about how you can make your wedding cakes stylish as well as budget- friendly.

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One of the most common budget-friendly ways is to offer cupcakes, with different flavors and styles. The more health conscious brides can have their cakes topped with fruits instead of fattening icings. You can go ahead and make your own wedding cake if you are a fantastic baker. You can even consider asking your best friend or your neighbor to bake for you, provided they are exquisitely good at baking.

The wedding cake should depend on the season and style of the wedding. A beach wedding can have a cake a topped with tropical fruits, or a spring wedding cake can have a strawberry filled cake. Cheese cakes might be an expensive option, but they would definitely add class and style to the wedding. If the wedding is the formal type, then you can go in for cheesecakes. Choose from the different flavors and toppings to go with the cake.

Wedding Cake, Bridal Shower Towel Cake Ideas.Bridal Shower Towel Cake Ideas.

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Try to make your cake look trendy and chic. Wedding cakes are made in many designs and shapes. Hearts or stacked shapes of cakes are available at the various bakeries to select from. Bridal cakes should also coordinate with the theme of the wedding. Remember that everyone wants their wedding to be unique and stand out from the rest. So throw in your best effort in trying to get a wedding cake that is different from the others. You would surely have your guests raving about your cake for months.

While considering bridal cakes, do not forget to properly decorate the cake. You could sprinkle cherries, or even add some fragrance and sweetener to your cake. Another good option is placing the bride and groom figures on the top of the cake. While choosing a bridal shower cake, try and keep the event more traditional. The cake should be the center of attraction during the occasion. Personalize the gesture by using romantic and traditional add-ons. You could use hearts, bells or even flowers.

The bridal cake should be nothing but the very best. It is the main attraction of any wedding. So prepare an elegant and beautiful cake and make the accession a really memorable one. Spice up the event by ordering a lovely cake for the occasion and give special attention to all the minute details. A small mistake and the entire show could be spoilt. A spectacular bridal cake that is decorated lavishly will make sure that all the guests will remember it for their entire lives.