Are You Looking For A Beach Wedding Cake?

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Beach wedding cakes are a must if the theme of your party is a beach. You have definitely moved ahead with the times, considering that you have chosen a beach theme party. So let us move away from the norm and see how we can make our beach party a grand and a glorious one.

Wedding Cake, Wedding Cake Toppers Beach Theme.Wedding Cake Toppers Beach Theme.

Wedding Cake, Unique Beach Wedding Cakes.Unique Beach Wedding Cakes.

A beach wedding cake must be the first thing on your mind when you are planning your list for the to-do things. So, be as adventurous as you can and note down the following rules which certainly have to be adhered to. You need to take into account the size and the shape of the cake before booking one with the baker. Make a guest list and give an approximate number to the bakery. Generally, a slice of 2 ounces ranges from $2 to $10. If your cake has a lot of intricate work on it, then expect a higher price quote from the chef. But if you are tight on budget, then better keep it plain and simple.

The wedding cake can generally be made in any size, shape or description. Sketch down your ideas on a piece of paper or download pictures of cakes from the internet. You can also go through the wedding pictures of your family and friends. You might end up liking some shape or design for the beach wedding cake from the albums. Any bakery would be glad to accept and adapt your ideas into a beautiful and an elegant cake.

Wedding Cake, Pictures Of Beach Wedding Cakes.Pictures Of Beach Wedding Cakes.

Wedding Cake, Beach Themed Wedding Cake Toppers.Beach Themed Wedding Cake Toppers.

Your cake could be a two or three tier one. If you are innovative enough, then expand your horizons and try something new. Individual mini cakes, cookies or even a sculpted cake would come as a nice surprise to your guests. You can even have carry-home wedding cake boxes made for your guests. Let them carry a slice of your delectable wedding cake and remember you for years to come.

A small cake on each table at the beach is also an excellent idea. That will save you the expense of keeping centerpieces on the tables. Your guests will surely love this special gesture. Some things that you will have to keep in mind while organizing a beach party – Drape your cake in such a manner that you are able to keep the sand and dust out of it. You can even consider fountain wedding cakes as they will add to the appeal of the beach party.

If you are apprehensive that the sun might spoil the beach wedding cake, then consider an ornamental cake. The whole cake is not edible- just the bottom layer is. By this, you can save your cake from melting. Keep the above tips in mind while planning the party and your beach wedding cake will surely be a great hit with the guests.

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Wedding Cake, Beach Theme Wedding Cake Toppers.

Wedding Cake, Beach Theme Wedding Cake Topper.

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