Beach Wedding Attire – What Do I Wear To a Beach Wedding?

Wedding Dresses, Beach wedding shoes for bridesmaidsBeach wedding shoes for bridesmaids - Beach Wedding Attire

Beach wedding is an extremely romantic concept. In a beach wedding the bride and groom get to be themselves. The sun shines bright by the emerald blue water of the sea, while the bride and groom stand their barefoot, enjoying the lovely weather.

Wedding Dresses, Bridal Gowns For Beach Weddings.Bridal Gowns For Beach Weddings.

Wedding Dresses, Flowers Beach Wedding Accessories For Bride.Flowers Beach Wedding Accessories For Bride.

Getting married on a beach is a new idea and very different from the traditional marriage that takes place in a church. Thus, often it happens that most of the bride and the groom get confused as to what they need to wear when getting married by the beach side.

No matter where the wedding is, a perfect wedding attire is a must for every wedding. Similarly, for a beach wedding you cannot go in a formal tuxedo. A beach wedding asks for a more casual and easy attire.

Shoes for Beach Wedding

In most beach wedding, you need to walk in the sand. Though you have a choice of getting the entire wedding area carpeted by the beach, it will only take away from the fun of a beach wedding. If you get married barefooted in the sand than it will add that bit extra to the entire beach wedding experience.

If you are deciding on a beach wedding, than skip any idea of buying shoes for the ceremony. You can rather buy the shoes for your wedding reception and other parties later. In fact if your wear your shoes for the wedding on the beach than you will not be able to walk properly and it will also take away the elegance from the entire affair.

However, you should also be prepared to deal with the hot sand if you are getting married during the day. Both of you may not be comfortable standing there barefoot and hopping around while taking your vows. Thus to avoid any such inconvenience and not to spoil the elegance of the entire affair you can rather use the beach sandals or flip flops. Which will not only save you from the heat but will also compliment the beach wedding theme.

Gowns for Beach Weddings

If it is a beach wedding than you will have to deal with the heat and the wind at the same time. It is also considered to be a comparatively informal affair as compared to the weddings held in the castle or church. Thus for beach weddings, ideally you should opt for a more light wedding gown with fabrics like silk and chiffon.

If you want to feel cool by the beach and ensure comfort than you can opt for knee length gowns. As a groom you can opt for a shirt made of some light fabric and linen trousers rolled up just below the knee.

Accessories for Beach Wedding

Flowers are the obvious choice for beach wedding accessories. With flower accessories there are a lot of options which you can choose from. You can either carry a bouquet or wear them in your hair. You can also opt for a fresh basket of flowers as your wedding gown accessory.

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End of it all, remember what is more important is to feel beautiful and comfortable for your beach wedding.