A Wedding Checklist For Your Marriage

Wedding Planning, Wedding day checklistWedding day checklist - Wedding Checklist

Making use of a wedding checklist ensures that you would make your marriage the happiest day in your life. There are a vast number of very minute details that concern a wedding and the wedding planning checklist makes sure that you do not forget anything of importance which may spoil the charm of the long awaited day.

Wedding Planning, Printable Wedding Timeline Checklist.Printable Wedding Timeline Checklist.

Wedding Planning, Wedding Planning Checklist Pdf.Wedding Planning Checklist Pdf.

How To Start A Wedding Checklist

You must start making your wedding planning checklist around six to twelve months before your wedding day. The wedding checklist list must include essential details like the wedding date, the time at which the ceremony should start, the venue of wedding and reception, the florist that has to be hired for the flower decoration, the caterer for the delicious meals, a photographer for preserving the dearest moments and a team of professional musicians to make the wedding rock. You must also plan to make reservations with the church where the ceremony is to be held.

Other Details

Your wedding checklist should also include some major details such as, deciding upon the people who are to be invited for the wedding ceremony and planning for the invitations accordingly. You would also need to add small details like the selection of the wedding gown, the marriage attendant’s costume and the proper attire for the bridegroom and the groomsmen. But obviously, one of the most important things on the list has to be the wedding rings. The things as mentioned above are the really important ones and should be arranged for as soon as possible. Some more additions: Be careful enough to add reminders for those details that will be taking place close to the decided date on your wedding day checklist. Small examples include the ordering of a wedding cake, flowers, rings, return gifts and invitations to be dispatched in proper time and final trials for everyone’s wedding costumes. You should not forget to mark a reminder for planning an announcement of your wedding to be published in the local newspaper.

Wedding Planning, Wedding Checklist Excel Download.Wedding Checklist Excel Download.

Wedding Planning, Wedding Budget Checklist.Wedding Budget Checklist.

Final Tip

Everything regarding weddings is so money consuming that you need to keep a constant eye on your financial accounts. The money kept aside for the wedding expenses should be evenly distributed for all the requirements. An estimated cost of each and every need should be made simultaneously. Your wedding cost checklist should not exceed the budget planned for the wedding. Just a few weeks before the wedding day, you must go over everything in detail in order to make sure that you have not forgotten anything of importance. There is much more to be included on your wedding cost checklists such as decorations, printed napkins, a guest book, wedding favors, a limo, thank-you cards and some other necessities according to your personal needs.

If affordable, then your wedding checklist may also include a wedding planner who can be of real help in organizing your wedding without any undue stress.

6 Month Wedding Checklist

Wedding Planning, 6 Month Wedding Checklist.