A Perfect Honeymoon In Mauritius

Honeymoon, Honeymoon In Mauritius The Botanical Gardens PamplemoussesHoneymoon In Mauritius The Botanical Gardens Pamplemousses - Honeymoon In Mauritius

A honeymoon in Mauritius is a brilliant idea and will definitely prove to be worth the money. Almost all hotels on this island offer extensive wedding as well as honeymoon packages. You and your partner can spend your days at the beaches, either enjoying the water sports or swimming. Even lazing around on the beaches with some exquisite cocktails would be a good idea. There are many places that you should consider visiting during your honeymoon trip.

Honeymoon, Honeymoon In Mauritius The Blue Safari Subscooter.Honeymoon In Mauritius The Blue Safari Subscooter.

Honeymoon, Honeymoon In Mauritius Port Louis In Mauritius.Honeymoon In Mauritius Port Louis In Mauritius.

Deciding on your honeymoon destination would definitely be a difficult task for you. But if you have finalized on Mauritius, then you have made the right decision. Honeymoon couples who go to Mauritius are never disappointed with their choice.

Some Must-See Places During Your Honeymoon In Mauritius

  • The Botanical Gardens are a brilliant and a novel specimen of some of the most beautiful gardens that you could find all over the world. They were established almost 300 years ago. Back then, they served as the center of horticulture research for the British and the French.
  • The Blue safari in Mauritius will make your dreams come true. You can discover the magic of marine life by traveling in comfort in air conditioned submarines. Try not to miss this adventurous, once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Port Louis in Mauritius is a true cosmopolitan city. This city is famous for its bars, cinemas and the casinos.
    Grand Baie in Mauritius is a picturesque beach that is sure to take your breath away. It is a famous destination for most honeymooners as you can enjoy a mix of thrilling water sports or just gaze at the beauty around you. It is the perfect place for water skiing, windsurfing or even shopping. You can freak out at the night clubs and the restaurants.
  • Your honeymoon in Mauritius is incomplete without a visit to Mahebourg. This is a city that offers you exquisite beauty in terms of the rivers, the port and a huge bay. The casino is another added attraction in this area.

Besides the above not-to-miss places, you could even enjoy the many beaches that Mauritius has to offer. The blue green waters of the ocean are sure to strike your fancy. Also spoil yourself with the mouthwatering seafood of this wonderful place. The platter of crayfish, prawns and a variety of local fish is extremely mouth-watering. There is also an 18-hole golf course and numerous spas to keep you busy. Your honeymoon in Mauritius is incomplete without your experiencing the world-famous Ayurvedic massages. You would instantly feel rejuvenated by the stunning treatments that the spa has to offer.

Honeymoon, Honeymoon In Mauritius Mahebourg Waterfront Abolition Of Slave.Honeymoon In Mauritius Mahebourg Waterfront Abolition Of Slave.

Whether you chose to honeymoon in the Maldives or pick the Caribbean honeymoon, be sure to do lots of research before leaving home. Your travel agent would have all the required information or you could visit the internet to get the answers to all your questions. All in all, if your choice is a honeymoon in Mauritius, be happy, you are about to have a memorable time.