A Perfect Honeymoon In Maldives

Honeymoon, Honeymoon In Maldives Nika Island resortHoneymoon In Maldives Nika Island resort - Honeymoon in Maldives

You can plan a honeymoon in Maldives and have the time of your life. But first you must acquaint yourself with the culture and customs of Maldives. You could have the most adventurous and exciting time of your lives if you learn more about these islands before leaving on your trip. Visit the net and get lots of information brochures from your travel agent to know more about these islands.

Honeymoon, Honeymoon In Maldives Kuramathi Blue Lagoon.Honeymoon In Maldives Kuramathi Blue Lagoon.

Honeymoon, Honeymoon In Maldives Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo.Honeymoon In Maldives Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo.

The Tropical Maldives – Your Honeymoon Destination

Do you want to explore the islands during your trip or just wish to sit back and enjoy the beaches? The Maldives are islands located near India and Sri Lanka. The travel agents in these islands will offer you numerous tours. Take one if you want or sit back and drink mai-tai on the exotic beaches. Also consider some honeymoon destinations in India as you would be very close to the country.

The perfect spot for diving and other water activities in Maldives is the North Ari Atoll. You could find some good holiday packages and some of the best hotels in this area. North Ari Atoll is 45 kms west of Male atoll. It is a group of 18 inhabited islands. Though now, it is one of the most developed tourist destinations in Maldives.

Honeymoon, Honeymoon In Maldives Constance Halaveli Holiday Village.Honeymoon In Maldives Constance Halaveli Holiday Village.

Honeymoon, Honeymoon In Maldives Bathala Island Resort.Honeymoon In Maldives Bathala Island Resort.

Know More About The Ari Atoll During Your Honeymoon In Maldives

  • The largest atoll with beautiful views of the islands. It is 80 kms long and you could reach here in a seaplane. Another great option for reaching these islands is through speedboats.
  • Some good hotels in North Ari Atoll are the Bathala Island Resort which is a 3- star hotel with 45 rooms. Dhoni Migili is a deluxe 5-star hotel with only six rooms. Ellaidhoo Tourist Resort and the Halaveli Holiday Village are other good options.
  • There are three hotels that cover a whole island. They are the Kuramathi Blue Lagoon, Kuramathi Cottage and Spa and the Kuramathi Village. The island is just a kilometer long and can be reached in 20 minutes.
  • The Nika Island resort, the Velidhu island resort and the W retreat and spa are the other famous hotels and resorts in this region.

You are sure to find the right choice for yourself for your honeymoon in Maldives, as these are world class hotels and resorts in this area. Remember to select an all inclusive package for the Maldives. You would not have to worry about the flight details and the car rentals. Also do some research online before booking a package for your honeymoon. Alternatively, also consider a Hawaii Honeymoons as you are already touring the North America .

Maldives is a very romantic location and you are sure to have a blast. Remember to keep your digital camera with lots of extra memory handy. You can just go on clicking and show your family and friends the wonderful time that you had. So capture every moment of this special celebration. If you still want more information, then talk to a personal travel agent. He would be able to provide you with all that you would want to know about your honeymoon in Maldives.