A Perfect Fountain Wedding Cake

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A fountain wedding cake would be a perfect and unique idea if you are planning something special for your wedding. Designing a wedding cake can be both time-consuming as well as expensive. If you are trying to do something different for your wedding, then a fountain cake can definitely be tried.

Wedding Cake, Wedding Cakes With Water Fountains.Wedding Cakes With Water Fountains.

Wedding Cake, Wedding Cakes With Fountains And Stairs.Wedding Cakes With Fountains And Stairs.

Fountain cakes are a very uncommon sight. Your reception will be remembered for a long time if you are successful in arranging for a fountain cake. If your wedding cake is a fountain one, then it can give an elaborate touch to even a simple and small cake. You can place small cupcakes along a fountain setting for a jazzy look. It will be both, economical for your pocket as well as will enhance the presentation of the wedding cake.

Fresh or colored water is used with the fountain cakes. Waterfall set-ups also give a more dramatic look to the fountain wedding cake. You can add lights and candles to add a special effect to your cake. The sight and sound of falling water will give texture to the presentation and everyone will surely love it. Your fountain cake will be the true center of attraction at your reception.

Wedding Cake, Wedding Cakes With Fountains And Lights.Wedding Cakes With Fountains And Lights.

Having a chocolate fountain instead of a water fountain will add to the taste as well as to the visual appeal of the cake. In this cake, your fountain pours chocolate into a bowl placed under the cake stand. Different dippers such marshmallows, fruits or the cake itself can be offered alongside the stand. Your guests will have a customized dessert plate and will be delighted with the fun that they will experience. Make sure that the wedding cake recipe is taken from the best bakery in the town. You do not want the elaborate arrangements of a fountain to be spoilt with a lousy cake!

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Highlight your creativity by finding a chef who is willing to work and adapt to your ideas. Your wedding day should showcase your personality. Your guests will remember the lights, water and even the chocolate on the fountain cake for a long time to come. The fountain wedding cake should look exclusive and each specification and detail should be taken care of properly. You can take your pick from the following types of cakes:

  • Stairway or spiral cake arrangements
  • Stacked tiers
  • One tiered
  • Standard vertical tiers.

The wedding cake idea varies from individual to individual. If you are looking for a fountain cake, then keep in mind the following things – First, if you are planning to place a fountain instead of the cake topper, then make sure that the water does not fall on the cake. Secondly, remember to surround the chocolate fountain cake with goodies. Otherwise the guests will not know what to do with all that chocolate. Take some help from a good designer and a chef for your fountain wedding cake and watch the guests digging in with gusto.