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Other than a church and a legal court, a chapel is a place where a couple can tie their nuptial knots taking vows to spend a lifetime of togetherness. You can call a church a wedding chapel, but the former is mainly called that by the wedding duo when the ceremony only involves those contracting matrimony. More often than not, wedding chapels are found in the form of small buildings where only licensed people like pastors have the rights to conduct wedding ceremonies, and are bound to perform their ceremonies under some laws, depending on the region in which they are located. In the United States, they usually ask for a marriage license, proof of age of the wedding couple and proof of legal residence in the country. Las Vegas wedding chapels are very popular due to the large number of one-day Las Vegas weddings. Graceland in particular is a very popular spot for engaged couples to consider tying the knot.

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Traditional wedding chapels offer ceremony packages that usually include the chapel fee, basic wedding flowers, a video of the ceremony, photo packages, chapel time and a wedding coordinator. The costs to stage a wedding in a good chapel will vary depending on the country or the city where the ceremony is to be held. In general, ceremonies held at those locations are not so expensive. The expenses can, however, go up depending on the number and quality of different packages offered by the wedding chapels.

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In the United States, Las Vegas is particularly renowned for its large number of wedding chapels. That does not mean that there are no quality locations outside of Las Vegas. One fine example is the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. In a Las Vegas wedding chapel, a simple yet tasteful ceremony will cost about 50 dollars. Las Vegas chapels these days offer various packages, such as special Elvis Presley weddings, limo weddings, etc. One of the oldest and most famous wedding chapels in Las Vegas is the ‘Little Church of the West.’ Many celebrity couples have tied their nuptial knots there.

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Las Vegas offers Elvis Presley weddings because he had a very special relationship with Las Vegas. It is at this place where Elvis and Priscilla finally got married too! And Elvis Weddings are the inspiration of many die-hard romantics. Tying the knot with Elvis singing ‘ Love Me Tender’ will certainly be something out of this world. You will get plenty of Elvis packages to choose from once you reach Las Vegas to hold your wedding ceremony. It is not a bad idea to make your wedding a special event with the accompaniment of romantic Elvis songs.

Some other very popular locations are Oklahoma, New Orleans, Sedona, and of course the all popular seaside wedding in Orlando and Miami.

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