A Good Contemporary Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake, Contemporary wedding cake ideas pastel wedding cakes vintageContemporary wedding cake ideas pastel wedding cakes vintage - Contemporary Wedding Cake

It is your choice- whether you like a traditional or a contemporary wedding cake. Remember to add your personal touch to the wedding cake to make it perfect for the occasion. Generally, guests do not leave the reception until the cake is cut. So, give them something that they will remember for years to come.

Wedding Cake, Contemporary Wedding Cake Toppers Rose Garden Traditional Wedding Cake.Contemporary Wedding Cake Toppers Rose Garden Traditional Wedding Cake.

Wedding Cake, Contemporary Wedding Cake Designs Hot Wedding Cake Trends.Contemporary Wedding Cake Designs Hot Wedding Cake Trends.

The traditional cakes are the tiered ones with white floral icing. But nowadays, there are hundreds of options to choose from. There are various colors, shapes and styles that would leave you rather spoilt for choice. Your wedding cake can even be customized according to your requirements. You can have any unique taste, flavor or design available on this planet. Though, there are some basic requirements for preparing any wedding cake, but apart from that, it is your own preference.

Look out for the shape and the size of the cake. Make a note of the expected number of invitees to determine the cake’s size. If you are planning to keep away some cake for later, then keep that point in mind while placing the order. The most popular shapes are round or square. But if you let your imagination run wild, then you can go ahead with any other unique shape. A contemporary wedding cake is usually different from the others- shape wise. Generally, a square one is easy to cut and can serve more guests.

Try and search for the most creative baker in town. He can come up with some exclusive ideas for your wedding cake. You can also consider a fountain wedding cake if you are not too tight budgeted. They are an uncommon sight and will prove to be a visual as well as a delicious treat. Go through a number of wedding magazines as well as some sample pictures to find the design that might snag your attention. Also ask for the wedding cake prices to ascertain that they do not burn a hole in your pocket.

A contemporary wedding cake should ideally cost less than a traditional one. You can experiment with smaller cakes or even cupcakes. Fountain wedding cakes or beach cakes are a craze these days. You have to understand that the more intricate the work on the cake is, the more expensive it will be.

Contemporary cakes can be made into a wide range of delectable varieties. You can even try multi flavors. Different colors for icing are being used nowadays. Take your pick from pastel colors or the bright ones for the icing and filling.

Remember to oredr a beautifully decorated cake table. Place the table without blocking the view of the bride and the groom. Announce the cutting of the cake. The first slice has to be eaten by the bride and the groom. Your contemporary wedding cake will surely turn out to be a work of art and the focal point of the wedding reception.